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As a My 20 Minuten member, you benefit from the complete extra program: You take part exclusively in competitions and receive cool goodies.

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Yes, with My 20 Minuten you can also store: Once logged in, you'll find a new, unique offer from selected brands every day - with exclusive discounts for My 20 Minuten members.

Multilanguage Feature

In the app, My 20 Minuten members have the opportunity to read our editorial articles in 9 other languages in addition to the national languages. In this way, we offer people orientation in a complex world. With the multilanguage feature, we want to offer the entire population the opportunity to access up-to-date information. We see this as a contribution to improving equal opportunities and coexistence in our country.

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Get personalised news that really interests you, give your opinion on controversial stories and personalize the portal: Thanks to your login, you'll have access to numerous useful features and services that will make your experience on 20 Minutes even more exciting.

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With My View, you get content tailored to you on topics that really interest you - without missing out on important updates from world events. Choose between two displays and decide for yourself how to navigate through the news.

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With the daily update you stay informed about your favourite topics and never miss any news about current world events. Get the most important news in a nutshell, delivered directly to your inbox every day. Subscribe to the newsletter now!

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Thanks to your login, you can actively participate in the discussion and you have access to your comment history. Your opinion counts!

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Everything in view in the cockpit

In the cockpit, you can set the display, language or notifications. You also have access to the e-paper, popular games, gadgets and vouchers for well-known brands. In the profile overview, you can choose your avatar picture and your nickname, find your profile data and see your article history and other statistics.

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Your login to the biggest Swiss media platforms

My 20 Minuten is connected to OneLog, the login alliance of the largest Swiss publishing houses. With your login, you gain access to the offerings of many other media titles and conveniently register for offers and premium content.

Many partners, many advantages

20 Minuten and Ringier are making a start with their platforms - Tamedia's titles, as well as other media from Ringier, CH Media, NZZ and SRG are expected to follow continuously. So the offer for you is growing and growing!

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Personalized and secure

The joint login solution allows us to offer you a personalized, cross-platform media experience. At the same time, all functions and processes are designed along the strictest data protection guidelines.

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Pimp your chats with virtual stickers

Our virtual goodie for you: With Graphic Stickers for your Messenger, you'll make cool statements in group chats - all without words. Register with My 20 Minutes, download and get started!

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New features that make your life easier, meet & greet with stars or special access to events. With the My 20 Minuten login, your media experience becomes even more exciting and you can regularly and exclusively participate in raffles. Here you will find the current previews.

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